What Are the Benefits of Using a Local Waste Hauler vs. a Waste Broker?

Let’s face it, disposing of trash can be a headache. When you deal with different companies for trash and recyclables, or when you are in need of a dumpster or other specialized removal, it may seem daunting to choose the right provider. At times like these, using a waste broker can appear to be convenient, and less expensive, among other benefits. However, dealing with waste brokers can quickly get expensive and cause more hassles than you ever thought possible. Before committing to a waste broker, consider the factors below, particularly the benefits of using a local waste hauler.

The Cons of Using a Waste Broker

Increased Costs

waste brokers are expensive

Waste brokers act as a middleman, coordinating services among many smaller businesses that collect different types of waste material. As such, they tend to mark up their services significantly. And since you only receive one, non-itemized bill for all services rendered, you have no idea how much you are overpaying. Nor do you even necessarily know which waste disposal services you are dealing with. Maybe that doesn’t seem like an issue—until you have a customer service complaint.

Poor Customer Service from Brokers

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Waste brokers are notorious for delivering poor service. Have you put your recycling outside as directed for three Thursdays in a row without a pickup? Have you ordered a 40-yard dumpster to be placed at the rear of your location, only to receive a 15-yard unit two doors down? If so, you’re dealing with a typical waste broker. Waste brokers may provide service across multiple states—even to the entire country—and it’s very difficult to maintain control over regular, reliable service and a customer’s detailed instructions when you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away.

When you do have a problem (as you inevitably will when dealing with a waste broker), it’s not easy to resolve. Since you are forced to deal with a third party rather than being able to pick up the phone and call the provider directly, an additional layer of hassle is added into the mix. It’s not unusual for it to take days or weeks to resolve a simple problem such as a missed pickup when dealing with a waste broker.

Unfair & Unsafe Business Practices

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It is not uncommon for waste brokers to be somewhat unsavory in their business practices. For instance, they often fall short in their insurance coverage, exposing you to a liability that you probably never even considered. What if a hauler injures or even kills someone on your property, and the broker’s insurance has lapsed? In short, you will be in a lot of hot water.

In addition, brokers are notorious for not paying within terms, often paying their debts up to 60 or more days out and only after customers have paid. Furthermore, any money paid to a regional or national conglomerate takes money out of the pockets of a small, local company and transfers it to a nameless, faceless corporation. Even though waste disposal services aren’t necessarily thought of as small businesses, they generally are, and supporting them usually means supporting the local community.

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The Benefits of Using a Local Waste Hauler

Lower Costs from Local Haulers

When there’s no middleman dipping his hand in the pot after every transaction, customers pay less. For a small business, every dollar counts. Local companies also tend to be more efficient with their work—after all, if they make a mistake, the cost comes out of their pocket.

Better Service from Local Waste Disposal Companies

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When a customer deals with a local hauler, they are able to communicate directly with a dispatcher or decision maker. They can get status updates, estimated time of arrival, and personalized service.

For example, a customer may have a specific request regarding how or where their dumpster is placed on their property. When these needs are communicated directly to the waste hauling company, you can be sure that they will be done according to your specs. Haulers also favor their own customers and give priority to them if they have a busy schedule. You really cannot compare the service you receive from a large broker to a local hauler.

Your Dollars Stay in the Community

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As a small business owner or a consumer, you know how rewarding it is to serve the community. You also know how good it feels when a local client gives you their business and the chance to prove your value. Choosing a local hauler is a great way to support your local economy, which provides jobs to members of the community.

Choose Local Waste Disposal Companies for All of Your Waste Removal Needs

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Did you know that there is a local, family-owned operation that can service all of your waste removal and recycling needs at a more affordable price than the large, corporate waste brokers? Accurate Waste Services provides trash removal, recycling of paper and plastic, and dumpster rental to make waste removal from virtually any size project a snap. We recycle many materials, and our metals division purchases scrap metals including aluminum, copper, brass, cast iron, radiators, car batteries, lead, and bronze.

Dealing with a local company can be easier as well as more cost effective! For better service and a better price, the clear choice in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley is Accurate Waste Services. Contact us today, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will give you a competitive quote. We’re waiting to hear from you!