Dumpster Rental & Trash Removal Bethel Township, PA

Accurate Recycling & Accurate Trash Removal provide dumpster rental and trash removal to Bethel Township, PA.  We are proud to offer excellent service.  When you call you will be greeted by a live and friendly voice who will help make your waste removal service experience easy.  Our customers have come to appreciate our quick turnaround for service.  We are a privately owned and operated company of 4 generations.  This is the only way to experience personalized service.  

Typically we can provide a dumpster rental the same day you request service.  Feel free to contact us for a waste audit or to explore your options for waste removal and recycling.  Accurate is a processor, broker, and wholesaler of waste paper and plastics.  In addition to dumpster rentals and trash removal, we offer a full suite of waste removal and recycling services.

In addition to dumpster rental and trash removal service, we offer:

Dumpsters &
Asphalt Shingle Recycling



Trash Removal



Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Sizes

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Accurate Trash Removal

Trash Removal Service – Container Sizes

Most containers available in either Front or Rear load with options of locked access, wheels, lids/doors.

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Dumpster Rental Bethel Township, PA Trash Removal Bethel Township, PA