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    Accurate Recycling & Accurate Trash Removal provide dumpster rental and trash removal to Upper Providence, PA. We are proud to offer excellent service. When you call you will be greeted by a live and friendly voice who will help make your waste removal service experience easy. Our customers have come to appreciate our quick turnaround for service in Upper Providence. We are a privately owned and operated company of 4 generations. This is the only way to experience personalized service.

    Typically we can provide a dumpster rental the same day you request service. Feel free to contact us for a waste audit or to explore your options for waste removal and recycling. Accurate is a processor, broker, and wholesaler of waste paper and plastics. In addition to dumpster rentals and trash removal, we offer a full suite of waste removal and recycling services.

    Dumpster Sizes

    Accurate 10 Yard Dumpster Rental

    Great for small-scale renovation project, such as garage clean-out or small addition

    Accurate 15 Yard Dumpster Rental

    Mid-small-scale renovation project

    Accurate 20 Yard Dumpster Rental

    Small residential or commercial jobs such as windows, clean-outs, renovations

    Accurate 30 Yard Dumpster Rental

    Large residential or mid-size commercial jobs

    Accurate 40 Yard Dumpster Rental

    Landscaping projects or large commercial jobs

    Accurate Compactor Rental

    Compacting of trash, recyclables, etc.

    Are you looking for a trash removal service provider in Upper Providence, PA? We understand the constraints you face. Restaurants must comply with the board of health regulations and retail stores must comply with township ordinances for the public right of way. Accurate Trash Removal will address any of your concerns and assure you that trash removal service doesn’t need to be another task for you to devote your time and energy to.

    Contact us to discuss your options for dumpster rental sizes and trash removal container sizes. Our expert staff will tailor a waste removal and recycling program specifically for you.

    What Trash Removal Containers Do We Offer?

    The images below will help. If you have any further questions about our trash services in Upper Providence, please call us.

    Container Sizes

    Accurate Half Yard Toter
    Accurate 1 Yard Container

    Dimensions: 60″ W x 37″ H x 27″ D

    Accurate 1.5 Yard Container

    Dimensions: 60″ W x 37″ H x 33″ D

    Accurate 2 Yard Container

    Front-load Dimensions: 72″ W x 40″ H x 42″ D

    Rear-load Dimensions: 60″ W x 39″ H x 39″ D

    Front-load shown here

    Accurate 3 Yard Container

    Front-load Dimensions: 72″ W x 48″ H x 48″ D

    Rear-load Dimensions: 60″ W x 36″ H x 76″ D

    Front-load shown here

    Accurate 4 Yard Container

    Front-load Dimensions: 72″ H x 60″ W x 52″ D

    Rear-load Dimensions: 60″ W x 47″ W x 84″ D

    Front-load shown here

    Accurate 6 Yard Container

    Dimensions: 72″ H x 63″ W x 66″ D

    Accurate 8 Yard Container

    Dimensions: 72″ H x 78″ W x 72″ D

    Most trash removal containers available in either Front or Rear load with options of locked access, wheels, lids/doors.