Construction and Demolition Recycling Services:

Accurate Recycling is a waste services provider located in Lansdowne, PA.  We offer waste hauling, recycling services, and demolition services throughout Southeaster Pennsylvania.

What is construction recycling service?

We offer hauling services that allow us to examine your waste stream and divert recyclable wastes from your construction project.  We always divert construction waste to be recycled when possible.  Ask us about acceptable C&D waste before loading your container.

Do we offer demolition recycling services?

We do provide demolition recycling services.  Often most demolition wastes can be separated and recycled.  Thousands of tons of waste ends up in our landfills when they could be separated and recycled, often resold!

How does demolition recycling work?

Engineering Survey

The first step in demolition is have an engineering survey of the structure done by a competent person.  The purpose is to ascertain the integrity of the structure to prevent any premature collapse.

Utility Location

The next step of the demolition process is to identify the location of all utility services.  All electric, gas, water, and sewer service lines should be shut off, and/or capped outside the building before beginning demolition.  Any utility provider should be notified in advance, and its approval or assistance should be obtained.

Demolition Recycling Process

Most often, it is most feasible to separate recyclables from wastes at the source.  This means your demolition site is the best place to sort your waste stream.  Sometimes it isn’t possible to separate at the demolition site.  We can separate your demolition recyclables off-site.  Your waste will be diverted from an otherwise very long decaying process in a landfill, to being introduced as feed stock into newly manufactured items.

Consider Accurate Recycling for your demolition services

Accurate will demolish your house or small building and haul it away, safely.

Dumpsters available for all construction and demolition recycling

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