On-going waste removal services offered by Accurate, either with scheduled pickups or on-call.

Do you need permanent waste removal services?

Accurate has established the benchmark, in terms of customer-oriented trash removal service in the Philadelphia region. We supply both front and rear-loading waste containers ranging from ½ yard to 8 yards in size.

Contact us at 610-284-6600 or Sales@AccurateTrash.com

Permanent Trash Compactors

For commercial or industrial establishments that generate large volumes of trash or recycling waste. Accurate will supply, install, and maintain your trash compactor.

Ideal for:

  • Cardboard
  • Wastepaper
  • Trash
  • Food Wastes

Contact us at 610-623-3700 or Sales@AccurateRecycling.com

Contact us at 610-284-6600 or