Accurate Recycling Corporation combines decades of plastic recycling expertise starting with our waste audits to tailoring customer-specific plastic recycling programs that improve operations and increase waste-stream diversion rates.

Your plastics are valuable resources!  Please recycle!

Plastic Recycling – common grades we recycle:

  • High density polyethylene – HDPE
  • Polyethylene – PET
  • Shrink Wrap

We purchase waste plastics in the following conditions:

  • Baled
  • Loaded in Gaylords
  • Flat-pack
  • Rolled
  • Compacted

Plastic Recycling Equipment:

  • Forklifts attached to our flatbed trailers – Our drivers use our own equipment!
  • Van trailers dropped at your dock – provides extra storage room for receiving docks etc.
  • Toters – For smaller volumes of waste paper
  • Balers – We install and maintain paper balers
  • Compactors – for large volumes of waste paper or office wastes

Pre and Post-Consumer Plastics

Currently, there is no national law that mandates plastic recycling.  This leaves state and local governments to introduce recycling requirements and goals and landfill bans of recyclable materials.  Some states have even implemented fines for throwing away recyclable materials.  Recyclable plastics are valuable resources that end up in landfills in massive amounts every day.

Accurate Recycling Corporation has offered plastic recycling services to the commercial sector for decades.  We purchase both pre and post-consumer plastics and rebate our customers according to market conditions.

Got a unique grade of plastic? Contact us at 610-623-7772 or



Contact us at 610-623-7772 or