LEED Recycling & Trash Services

Accurate will apply our expertise in the construction and demolition recycling industry to help you earn prerequisites and credits. We will advise you with innovative methods to recycle your project wastes.

“LEED or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is transforming the way we think about how our buildings and communities are designed, constructed, maintained and operated across the globe. Comprehensive and flexible, LEED is a green building tool that addresses the entire building lifecycle recognizing best-in-class building strategies”

LEED Compliant

LEED is a program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. To certify a project, there is a five step process:

  1. Choose which rating system to use. Keep in mind, some projects clearly fit the defined scope of one LEED rating system; others may be eligible for two or more.
  2. Register. The LEED process begins with registration. Once registration forms are submitted and payment is complete, your project will be accessible in LEED Online.
  3. Submit your certification application and pay a certification review fee. Fees differ with project type and size.
  4. Review. Await the application review. Review processes differ slightly for each project type.
  5. Certify. Receive the certification decision, which you can either accept or appeal. An affirmative decision signifies that your building is now LEED certified.

LEED Projects

Core & Shell
New Construction & Major Renovation
Retail – New Construction & Major Renovations
Retail – Commercial Interiors

Commercial Interiors
Existing Buildings – Operation & Maintenance
Neighborhood Development

LEED Credits

While there are several categories to earn LEED credits, Accurate can assist with the following:

Materials & Resource Credits encourage using sustainable building materials and reducing waste
Green Infrastructure & Building Credits reduce the environmental consequences of the construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure