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Paper and Cardboard Recycling Services

Does your organization generate a large volume of waste paper?  Our recycling service pays promptly for baled or loose waste paper.

Some customers [like large retailers] generate a high volume of waste cardboard. Accurate will often suggest baling the cardboard as this is the densest way to transport it, affording you the highest possible rebate for your waste paper. Sometimes this is not an option and we will suggest a commercial 40 yard compactor or drop a trailer in your dock, which can be loaded with loose, baled or containerized waste paper.

We are a one-stop-shop for trash and recycling services. Accurate Trash Removal can supply multiple sizes of secure-covered containers for paper recycling. Accurate’s experts will work with you to develop a tailored recycling program that will help you improve your operations, comply with regulatory standards, and help to protect our environment.

Recycling Fact: The average American uses 5.57 40-foot trees worth of paper each year, according to The Economist. Don’t forget, the first step of the solid waste management program is to Reduce your waste! However, we still generate massive volumes of used recyclable materials. If you can’t Reuse it, Recycle it!

Plastic Recycling

Additionally, at our recycling center we process, pack, and ship plastics to be recycled. Polyethylene, high density polyethylene, and shrink wrap are a few grades of plastic which we recycle. We can transport baled, compacted, or containerized plastic. This process is similar to our paper and cardboard recycling, which you can also earn a rebate for recycled plastics.

Recycling Equipment

Accurate can provide, install, and maintain all types of recycling equipment such as:

Our recycling services include a fleet of low-boy tractor-trailers with forklifts. Some customers find it manageable to leave their baled paper outside the building, which we can promptly service without disrupting your operations.

Recycling Center

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Bulk Waste Handling Equipment - Compactors

Scrap Metals

Redeem your scrap metals at one of our two scrap yards in Lansdowne and Darby, PA. We recycle most grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Receive instant redemption with Accurate Metals recycling services.

Recycling Services

Accurate Recycling Corporation, Accurate Trash Removal, and Accurate Metals team up to deliver a large portfolio of recycling services

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