Waste Paper Baling and Hauling

More than 90% of products in the United States are shipped in cardboard boxes. For most commercial businesses, this means half of their waste stream is usually cardboard. When not recycled, all of that waste cardboard goes into landfills. However, this does not need to be the case. Waste paper baling and hauling services allow your business to operate with greater sustainability. These services can even save you money. Read on to learn more about waste paper baling and hauling and how it can help your business and the world.

Waste Paper and the Need for Recycling


By now, everyone knows that recycling paper is good for the environment. For every ton of paper that’s recycled, 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, and 463 gallons of oil are saved according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But what’s really important about paper recycling is that paper can generally be recycled 5-7 times. So if you throw paper in the trash rather than in the recycling, you could be throwing away up to 7 more uses of that paper. That’s why at Accurate, we want to make the recycling of waste paper as painless as possible — so more of that paper can be reused.

What Is Waste Paper Baling?

For businesses that generate multiple tons of waste paper per month, baling that waste paper can be very beneficial, as we’ll explain later on. But first, how does baling paper work? The steps are as follows:

  • Paper that is both clean and dry is placed into the baler. If you need a baler, we can point you in the direction of companies that sell them.
  • The baler then compresses all of the paper together, making it as compact as possible so that it takes up less space and is easier to haul away.
  • Once compressed, the bale of waste paper is unloaded from the baler and can be placed out of the way until it’s time for it to be collected.
  • The compacted bale of waste paper is then hauled away by Accurate employees to undergo the rest of the recycling process and become new paper.

Types of Waste Paper Fit for Baling:

Corrugated cardboard

Not all paper is good for recycling or baling. To be recycled, the paper must be clean and dry. For example, pizza boxes cannot be recycled. This is because pizza boxes typically soak up grease from the cheese, sauce, and toppings. By soaking this up, it makes the paper dirty and unfit for the recycling process.

If clean and dry, these grades of paper are recyclable and can be baled:

  • Cardboard
  • White ledger
  • Newspaper
  • Sorted office waste
  • Mixed paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Publisher’s blanks
  • Hard white and soft white
  • Chipboard
  • Undeliverable bulk business mail

Each of these grades of paper can be placed in a baler, turned into a bale, and hauled away for further recycling.

Hauling Waste Paper Bales

After you have compacted your waste paper with a baler, one of our trucks will come by to pick up your bales. Waste paper bale pickup can be scheduled in varying frequencies. Most often it can be done as a weekly, biweekly, or monthly service. However, if necessary, we can pick up bales whenever your business needs. Typically, a service like this is best for commercial businesses that generate at least 3 tons of cardboard waste per month.

Using a baler or compactor to bale waste paper cuts down on hauling charges. Making it easier for us to extend the savings back to you. This is especially true if your business generates numerous bales of waste paper. The more bales of waste paper you have to be picked up, the higher the rebate we can extend back to you.

What It Looks Like:

Hauling away waste paper requires almost nothing from a business. A commercial truck with a trailer will come at the scheduled pickup time. With this truck will be a forklift that will be unloaded to move the bales from your facility to the truck’s trailer. If necessary, bales can also be taken by hand from the inside of buildings that have no access for a forklift. Pickups can also be performed on ground level or off of a dock, depending on the building. After the waste paper bales are hauled away, your rebate for recycling waste paper will be mailed promptly.

The Benefits of Waste Paper Baling and Hauling

recyclable newspaper

As stated, there are numerous benefits in waste paper baling and hauling. By using a company like Accurate Recycling, your business will be mailed a rebate for recycling your waste paper. The more bales of waste paper your business recycles, the greater your rebate will be. Since your business more than likely pays for waste services already, a rebate through recycling waste paper can actually save your business money on the overall cost of waste services.

Additionally, businesses that are regularly involved in recycling programs often have more positive work environments, attract more workers, and retain workers longer. There are many benefits of recycling programs — such as waste paper recycling — that are not immediately apparent, such as these. And, let’s not forget that more and more customers and clients want to purchase from or work with environmentally friendly businesses.

Waste Paper Baling and Hauling Solutions

As we’ve explained, waste paper baling and hauling is an easy and beneficial solution to your recyclable waste removal needs. It allows the paper to go through its 5-7 lifecycles, minimizing waste in landfills and saving trees, water, and oil in the process. Baling paper makes it convenient both for storage and for transport when the time comes to haul it away. By baling your paper, your business can save money and expand its sustainable practices through this one simple process.

At Accurate Waste Services, we provide comprehensive commercial waste paper recycling. We can improve your current system for waste paper by helping you implement a baling solution. Once your paper has been baled and pickup has been scheduled, we’ll haul it away and send you your rebate.

If you’re ready to reduce your waste removal costs while also benefiting the environment, contact us today!