Hazardous materials disposal?

Historically, hazardous wastes were disposed of in regular landfills. This resulted in large amounts of hazardous materials seeping into the ground and water. Many landfills now require countermeasures against groundwater contamination, such as protective barriers that line the foundation of the landfill to contain the wastes from seeping into the ground. Hazardous wastes must be stabilized or solidified prior to entering a landfill.

Did you know? You can pour kitty litter in a can of paint to help solidify the paint, stabilizing it for proper disposal.

Hazardous materials recycling? Hazardous wastes can be recycled into new products. Electronics waste, or e-Waste is taking hold across the planet. It is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, currently. Many e-waste facilities are demanufacturing electronics, separating the metals and plastic, and recycling them.