High Grade Waste Paper

We purchase and recycle most high grade white recyclable paper including:

  • Solid Bleached Board (SBS) – a virgin fibre grade of paperboard made purely from bleached chemical pulp and usually has a mineral or synthetic pigment coated top surface, giving it a smooth appearance.
  • Hard White – Cuttings, shavings, or sheets of unprinted, untreated and uncoated white groundwood free envelope paper.
  • Soft White – Unprinted bleached white papers with clay coatings
  • Printer’s Wastes
  • Sorted White Ledger – Uncoated, printed or unprinted sheets, shavings, and cuttings of white paper

These waste papers are highly valuable and are worth the highest rebates per ton in our industry. We can recycle roll stock, baled, or loose high grade paper.

For more information on waste paper grades:

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